Sunday, September 14, 2008

House Quiz # 1

Wow the teachers are really laying it on with the homework already. Here's my 1st house quiz:

1. Do you knit and/or crochet

2. How long have you been at your craft?
Knitting, 5-6 years/ a long time (since I was a kid)

3. Do you spin?
Yes a little, not very well yet

4. What type of spinning do you do (drop spindle or wheel)?
Drop spindle mostly (its portable), some wheel

5. Are there any other crafts that you participate in?
Oh I dye yarn and I dabble in some beading

6. What are your favorite yarns/fibers?
Anything that's super soft, merino, silk, wool, any blends of these, oooh oooh and alpaca

7. What are your LEAST favorite yarns/fibers?
I'm not too big on mohair, mohair and I don't usually get along too well

8. Are there any types/brands of yarn that you are dying to work with but haven’t gotten a chance?
I love fiber artists and indie dyers, and I love being introduced to new ones.

9. What are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet?
Socks! But I also love anything that's fashionable

10. What are you currently working on?
What am I not working on, I've got socks going on, a scarf, soon to start another scarf, a sweater that needs to be finished

11. Anything you plan to start this autumn?
A sweater for my mom for Christmas, at the rate I've been going it'll take me all fall

12. What is your favorite Finished Object? (Please, post a picture if you would like.)
Hmmm...its gotta be one of my pairs of socks. Lemme go find a picture and I'll put it up.

13. Are their any knitting/crochet techniques that you would like to learn?
Intarsia in the round, but I'll be taking a class for that at Stitches East, otherwise I can't think of one.

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