Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dueling Club

So the 2nd round of dueling club started yesterday. I've been so busy dodging spells from Minerva Wood of Ravenclaw house that I almost didn't get away to blog today. But now here I am...

My socks are progressing nicely, the leg is done of the first one and I've knit the heel and turned it. Now I just need to finish the gusset, foot and toe tonight and I'll be ready for sock number two tomorrow. Either way its going to come down to the owls. My Serenity is fast and swift so I hope she'll make it there quickly. The yarn is quite lovely. Its going to be very hard to see it go, but it is a destash.

Anywhoo, I'm going back to continue dodging spells from Minerva. I'm determined to win!

1 comment:

Morgana Black said...

I'm rooting for you!! :) Good luck!