Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Today On The McPotions' Escapades...

Previously on The McPotions' Escapades...

The girls move away from the door.

"Well I must say, McPotions has some smooth moves."

"Ladies, I think we should stop spying on him and get back to the common room. I've got a crapload of homework to do."

"Yeah, yeah ok. Should we just knock on the door?"

*Knock Knock Knock...*

"He's not answering." Cass tries the doorknob and it opens. The girls peek in the room and look around.


*Music starts coming from the back of the office*

"Hmm...that's interesting. C'mon we have to investigate."

The girls quietly sneak to the back of the office to outside of a room that looks like a bedroom.

"Oh My God!"

And what did the girls see...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent job, Lily of Flitwick! I've done the next installment--we're just so darn clever!