Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today in Potions...

"Pssst...ladies...look at this!"

*Pulls out a photo of McPotions in his knickers*


"That's quite some hot stuff there."

"It's a little early for Valentine's Day isn't it?"

*More Giggling*

"Look, I think I can even make out the outline of his...."

*Cass & LD snort and burst into rounds of giggles*


"Uh oh, here he comes, quick hide the picture!"

"May I ask what is so funny that I can hear you giggling all the way from my desk?"

"Nothing Professor McPotions...I mean Professor Black." *Giggles*

"That's it, detention with me after school today. You'll be sorting flobberworms for our next class."

"Yes professor..."

"I don't think I'd mind staring at him for an hour after school"

"Its just too bad he won't be in his knickers..."


Later in Detention...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too perfect! Detention's going to be a blast!