Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Wand Has Finally Arrived!

Wood type: Holly
Length: 11½ inches
Core: Dragon Heartstring

get your own wand!

My poor owl finally delivered my wand to me today. I guess she got stuck in a bad storm trying to make it here to Hogwarts. Her feathers were blown every which way. But the important thing is that she made it here before we got too far into classes. It would've been horrible to have to go several more days without it.

Since I got my wand, I decided to try a few spells with it. I really wanted to see a Patronus charm, and see what form mine would take. Now, generally, first years are unable to perform this spell as it is very advanced magic. But I figured if Harry could learn to do it at such a young age, I should be able to get it. It took quite a few tries, but I found the right thought and was able to cast it. And guess what it turned out to be...

Pretty cool huh? I'm still pretty proud of myself for being able to make it take a full form. The first few times it was just some fog. Now, I must run, for I'll be late to class if I don't. I did manage to squeeze in a little knitting time last night after homework. But my classes have me completely swamped...who would know that learning magic would be so much hard work!

The feast last night was great. I met quite a few other students and my spoiler was there, but unfortunately I didn't see my spoilee. We were all drooling over our new Potions and DADA professors. I had to duck out early, so I'm afraid I missed quite a bit. When I checked back in everyone had retired. I look forward to the next big gathering.


Cassandra Puddlemere said...

I left a tad early too. It seems they busted out the butterbeer after we had left and tried to rename the school Hogwarts School for Wayward Witches, since our hormones have run amuck over the new teachers

Lily said...

Come join us tonight in the kitchen. We are going to convince the house elves to give us some treacle tarts and pumpkin juice. A bit of a midnight snack. :)
Lily D