Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A New Term Begins

I've recently arrived back at Hogwarts for my second term. It's great to see old friends as well as the first years milling about the halls. We've got quite a full house this term.

I was one of the lucky 2nd year students to be able to get an Inter-House Unity Scholarship. She told me she would like me to be able to experience other houses to spread unity among them. Picking which house to join for this term, however, was quite a challenge. I seriously considered joining Ravenclaw, but I ran into Professor Snape in the hallway. He really wanted me to join Slytherin house and let me know that many of my former Gryffindor housemates had decided to join Slytherin house. Well...I just couldn't resist...I've always wanted to know what the dark side was like.

I'm also on very good terms with the prefect for Slytherin house. Tee hee....I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I caused a little mischief this term.

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